Start the Right Way

Solve your Customer Problems. Inspire Quality and Confidence. Give a great User Experience. And Measure your customers behaivours to keep growing.



  • Client Oriented to be relevant for your customers
  • Periodic Traffic Reports to understand your traffic.
  • Periodic Funnel Reports to understand the behaivour of visitors on your site.
  • Search Engine Optimization to rank on Google and have more traffic.


  • 100% adapted for Cell Phones and Desktop for the best User Experience.
  • Administration Panel so you can upload new content any time, any where.
  • Training & Assistance so you can make do it by your self

Fast & Secure

  • Amazon Servers with the fastest loading speed to always be there for your customers, on time .
  • Periodic Backups for your peace of mind.
  • HTTPS Security Certificates for the security of the information of you and your clients.
  • Firewall Technology against hacking.

The Working Process


What you want and need.
What problems you have.
How it should be.


The Strategy to solve problems.
The message your Customers need.
The esthetic your customer need.


To let you understand how your website is going on.
Your business is a process, your website must be too.

Client’s opinions

«The work has been much more than I expected, the site is excellent but I also learned a lot with Dan.

He knows how to listen and also has clear ideas. He knows what works and what does not and is very humbled. I recommend his work 110%.»

Cecilia Apella –


What can you expect?

  • Clarity and simplicity.
  • fresh look at problems.
  • An open dialogue about the process.
  • An Effective and Beautiful website.
  • Monthly Reports

Some questions you may have

How does is the working process?
  1. An interview to get to know each other better before starting work.
  2. I present you a concrete work proposal 3 days after aur first interview.
  3. If you like my approach then you make the first payment for 30% of the work.
  4. Then We will have a second interview to discuss in depth the buying process of your customers: their problems, objections and more.
  5. Now it’s when I will start to develop the strategy and the tactic to make the website. In the process I will research your competitors on your market and ask your for feedback.
  6. Only then we will start to design the appearence of the website. The approach will be as a funnel. Where on every step we will try to help your visitor to understand your product and be ready to buy.
  7. After all the process we publish your site and you will start to receive personalized Periodic Reports to see how your site is working for you.If you want, we can continue working together to continue improving your website and its purchase process further and thus achieve or keep the leadership of your market.
Why should we hire you?

Because I am really good. And I am at the right point between an agency with many employees and many clients. And a boy who is starting and has a lot to learn.

I work with few clients and spend time to make each project I participate even more successful than the previous one.

How long does it take you to build my websites?

The average time is between 1 and 2 months. In more complex websites the process may take longer.

What if I need help on my site down the road?

I will be there with you. if its just a question or something to fix it will be for free, and if its something new it will have a fee.

When do I pay?

Payment is made 30% in advance and the rest at the end of the site development.

Who writes the content for the site?

You make it with my help. The idea is to make it easily and fluently, in case you need, I work with professional editors who can do it for you.

What kind of customers do you have?

I have worked with small and medium enterprises, professionals and even for the government of Argentina. I have had clients in Argentina, USA, Brazil and more! And I am very grateful to my clients because they recommend me.

Will I own my site?

Of course, the domain, the site and all its content belong to you and no one else. And you are free to work with someone else in the future.

Can I update the content?

Yes, I make my sites so you can upload or update posts and products whenever you want. 

Will I have statistics on the use of my sites?

Yes, the most important thing for me is that your site be effective. For this I create a personalized control panel, with the most important variables for each client. Your site will be beautiful but it will also be functional. And you will know at all times.

Will my site be Mobile Adapted?

Yes, 100%.

Will my site have a SEO configuration?

Yes, totally.

Now, if your niche is very competitive it may take some additional work like really good content and some good links to your site.

Do you make periodic backups?

Yes, every three days I do backups of all my clients’ sites.

How can I help you?

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