Website Testing

Better understand your clients. Test new ideas.
Increase your Sales.

What I do for you

Some of the metodologies I use




Why Dan Wulf?

  • I us advanced technologies to analize visitors’s behaivour.
  • You get valuable information about your customers on a short time. Without any stress.
  • I appreciate your opinion through the process 
  • Results are mesurable.
  • The cost of my service is much lower to the value of it.

The working Process


What you want and need.
What problems you have.
How it should be.


Each Step on your Website
Visitors Behaivour on Pages
Identify Problems and generate hypotesis to solve them


Through A/B Testng check if new solutions improve results.
Once a solution is found, we go deeper on those concepts.

Some questions you may have

Why Web Testing?

Because it works

A few years ago the internet was still growing. People just started using cell phones. Traffic was cheap and visitors undemanding.

In short, there was little competition and social networks were free or very cheap.

No more.

People are saturated with information and do not want to waste time on useless things. There is more and more competition. And almost all sales are (at least in part of the purchase process) online.

And it is still on the rise.

This is a problem? It is an opportunity. Never before have there been so many tools to communicate effectively and efficiently.


Because there has never been so much information available to understand your customers and their needs.

What is the benefit of doing Web Testing?

Sell better, sell more.

By improving the sales process we managed to close more sales with the same number of visitors.

Better understand what your customers want:

By seeing and analyzing the behavior of your customers. We see that he likes and doesn’t like it. Summarizing.

Save money and time:

Both Google and Facebook want their users to find what they are looking for. A page that keeps the attention of visitors and sells is a page that solves problems. When this happens they charge less for the same tragic.

Improve Processes and Messages

When you understand your customers better you can improve communication and even eliminate useless.

How is the work process?

The first is an interview to get to know each other better before starting work:

Know your goals and problems better. In a maximum of one week I present a concrete work proposal: how are we going to solve the problems and achieve or achieve as close as possible to your objectives.

If you agree with the proposal you make the first payment for 30% of the work.

Then we do a second interview to talk in depth about your clients: their problems, objections, desires and much more.

At this stage the analysis stage begins:

Macro Analysis: Analyzing the flow of traffic.

Micro Analysis: Analyzing the micro behaviors on the site we understand how visitors interact with the elements of the website. For this we use Heat Maps, Session Recording and, if necessary, interviews with clients.

With the information obtained I identify blockages in the purchase process. I propose hypothesis about the causes and Development of new solutions.

Controlled implementation: The implementation of these solutions is Implementation of the solutions but in the form of a testo, that is to say that I contrast the current design with the new design to verify that they work better and understand how they do it.

Scaling the design: Once I have found a solution that works (what does the previous version beat) I repeat the process. Using the lessons learned, I deepen the concepts and improve the new version even more.

The results of the improvement process are presented and explained so that you can use the information to better understand your customers and better solve their needs.

Do I receive periodic reports?

The report service is not included in the test, but if you want we will add it!

Can I ask you some questions before hiring you?

Of course, we can have a chat on the phone or Skype to answer any questions you have. Leave a message on the form below and I will answer you within 48 hours.