Dan Wulf

When I was a kid at school I liked to relate ideas from different subjects. I could mixed what I learned in History with what I was learning in Law or Physics.

I always liked data, but above that I always loved to find the context and connections, to look for the causes and project the consequences.

Currently I do what has always been easy for me, find important information and understand its connections.

I help small and medium companies to find and take advantage of the hidden behaviors of their clients, to improve communication or even their products itself.

People say that information is the new oil, so I think I like to turn oil into gasoline.

I was born in Argentina and studied Marketing and Software Programming. I currently live in Brazil and usually I travel to different countries.

I love listening about companies and, even if I can’t help them, I always try to give them a good option to keep going.

You can contact on hello@danwulf.com