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Your Problems are the Best Opportunities

Some of the metodologies we are going to use




The Most Common Mistake

businesses do

Business owners guess too much. And a lot of times they are not even close to solve clients needs.

The process, in best cases, is the following:

They first think on what their customers need. So they get and idea of how to solve it, (many times they fall in love with their idea) but then they test too little. And a lot of times invest too much.

The result?

80% of companies fail during their first 5 years. But more important, the great mayority of the “succesful” 20%, just survive.

So, why this happens all the time?

The main reason is that people try to comply with so many things on their business. They just are overwelmed, and start losing control of the situation. They work more and more and think less and less.

What can I do to help you to change this?

I help you to test your messages to see what your customers do with it. I measure the answer, the behaivours, so you understand whats happening on each step of your communication process.

Many times it is not nice but it is the truth. And the most efficient way to grow anything, including businesses, is trough understanding.

How do I give you this knowledge?

Through Data Dashboards (and other reports) I show you whats happening. You understand what you are doing well, and what not so much.

How are those dashboards?

They are customized for each business, they offer important information about your customer journey, and very important, they are easy to read.

Knowledge about customers. This is what I offering you. And, in my opinion, is the difference between companies that grow and companies that fail.

So what do you want?

Send me an email and lets start improving your communication, and your business today.



I make functional web development. Your users will find your solutions to their problems. In the shortest time, with a beautiful expierience.


I analyze your website’s data to identify knots. I will make you a report with the problems and opportunities and then we will test solutions.
You improve results. 

Client’s opinions

“The work has been much more than I expected, the site is beautiful and it improved the sales.

Dan has a great mix of technical and psycologial knowledge.”

Cecilia Apella – misuperclase.com


Some questions you may have

Why are you different from other Agencies?

Because my work process is different. All my work is aimed at maximizing your sales process:

  • I do Interviews with you to understand your visitors, their problems, their objections and more.
  • I use Behavioral Psychology to maximize the effectiveness of your message at each stage of the purchase process.
  • You not only get a far superior website than competitors, they also get a better understanding of you own clients motivations and behaviors throughout the process and after it is finished, with the Periodic Reports.
  • You receive Periodic Reports that show how the traffic on your site works. Your website is alive and you will see how its doing.
  • For my fixed clients I also do testing service to continuously improve their sales proccess to the top of their market.


How is the work process?
  1. An interview to get to know each other better before starting work.
  2. I present you a concrete work proposal 3 days after aur first interview.
  3. If you like my approach then you make the first payment for 30% of the work.
  4. Then We will have a second interview to discuss in depth the buying process of your customers: their problems, objections and more.
  5. Now it’s when I will start to develop the strategy to make the website. In the process I will research your competitors on your market and ask your for feedback.
  6. Only then we will start to design the appearence of the website. The approach will be as a funnel. Where on every step we will try to help your visitor to understand your producto and be ready to buy.
  7. After all the process we publish your site and you will start to receive personalized Periodic Reports to see how your site is working for you.If you want, we can continue working together to continue improving your website and its purchase process further and thus achieve the highest quality in your online sales process.
What do the reports consist of?

The reports have useful information for you:

  • Origin and Characteristics of your visitors.
  • What kind of visitors go further in your sales process.
  • Which pages work best and which ones worse.
  • What’s your position on Google on your market.

And more!

Can I ask you some questions?

Of course, we can have a chat on the phone or Skype to answer any questions you have. Leave a message on the form below and I will answer you within 48 hours.

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